About Me

I am Leo Novel, photojournalist and documentary photographer born in mid-summer 1980. I’m working as photoreporter since 1999. My photos have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Newsweek, Financial Times, Stern and other newspapers and magazines.
I am Based in Paris, France and available for assignments worldwide.I fluently speak English, french, Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and few other middle-eastern and central asian languages including Tajik, Azerbaijani, Uzbek and Turkmen.

I’m always learning and improving and I work hard. I’m very independent, you hire me and I take care of everything in my control. I’m very quick and responsive.

Besides my photography life, I’m a serious music listener (I listen to Dream TheaterNIИ and The Tiger Lillies and play Bass) and I rock climb (oh and I’ve recently bought a bicycle again) .
I love human beings, plants, dogs and birds and I cook some deli dishes from all the countries I’ve been living in. I’m so afraid of being comfortable.